How To Enhance Childrens’ Ministry Guest Experience

One of my favorite things to do is jump on Facebook and see what’s happening in a group called “Children’s Pastors and Children’s Ministries Leaders”.
There is always good discussions happening and sometimes I find a question I think is great to answer in a short blog.
One question I saw this week was, “I am looking for something for our volunteers to wear to identify them as being part of our children’s ministry team when guests arrive.”
This is one of my favorite questions I have come across because everyone has a unique perspective on what helps to identify volunteers as part of the childrens’ ministry team.
So, let’s get to it and see great ways to identify our volunteers for guests in our childrens’ ministries.

 1. Lanyards with Name Badges

Lanyards with Name Badges are GREAT, they help to identify who someone is and it also helps the guests to identify who can help them if they have a question about a classroom, where check-in is located, or how to get to the main service after they drop off their kids.
2. Smocks
Smocks are great for the nursery area because it helps to give your nursery a more professional feel. My wife and I have a one year old and as silly as it sounds when I go to visit churches for ideas it makes me rest a little easier when I see smocks with the church logo. An added bonus is the smock helps keep the volunteers clothing clean of baby burp up!
3. Magnetic Name Badges
Magnetic name badges are nifty because they can pop on to the clothing they are currently wearing when they come to serve. The name badge can have the church logo and that persons name which makes people feel comfortable because it gives a sense of professionalism. My one suggestion is if you go with the magnetic name badges make sure you have a dress code in place aka “casual, not sloppy” or maybe a particular color shirt they wear with their jeans.
4. Shirts
Shirts are one of my favorite options on how to identify your volunteers for guests to your childrens’ ministry. Why? I like shirts because it can have the logo on the front with the word “STAFF” in big letters across the back. Plus, I find my volunteers love getting a shirt. For guests, this makes it a no brainer in their minds that they can ask this person a question about the childrens’ ministry.
These are just a few ways that you can enhance the childrens’ ministry experience for guests and church members.
What are some ways you help to identify your volunteers to first time guests?

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