4 Sunday School Lessons On Prayer


Today, I am going to share with you 4 of my favorite Sunday School Lessons on Prayer.

Prayer is a big part of our relationship with God and we need to teach kids to pray.

Every year I set aside 2 months to teach the kids in my ministry about prayer.

One thing I do in my KidMin when I am teaching is what I call Inter-Active Lessons where I get the kids involved.

These are a huge hit with the kids and help to drive home the message on Sunday mornings.

Take a few minutes to watch the video above and then browse the object lessons I talk about below.

We believe prayer is such an important topic that we’ve developed an entire 12 week curriculum on the subject and these 4 Inter-Active Lessons are found in it!


While you’re at it you might as well swipe these great object lessons I talked about too!

#1 The Great Toothpaste Race

What You’ll Learn: Set aside time each day to pray

What You Need:

• 4 new toothbrushes

• 4 small tubes of toothpaste

• 4 cups of water

• 4 empty cups (for spitting out the water)

• 1 table

Contestants:  4

Instructions: Place all items on the table

Goal: This is a contest to see who can brush their teeth the fastest.

Spiritual Application:

After the contest, ask these questions to the whole class.

• How many of you brush your teeth everyday?

• How many of you still need your parents to remind you to brush Your teeth?

• How many of you do it on your own?

• How come?

• Why do you brush your teeth?

• When do you brush your teeth?

• What does it feel like if you go a few days without brushing your teeth?

I brush my teeth everyday as soon as I get out of the shower. It isn’t hard to do. I don’t really

think about it anymore. Brushing my teeth is a good habit. My teeth will last longer if I brush them and I won’t have to wear dentures when I am a grandpa.

We need to do the same thing with prayer. We need to set aside a certain time each day and

plan to talk to God. It doesn’t have to be long. You can start with just five minutes. Take time to talk to God and listen to God every day.

#2 Pride Glasses

What You Will Learn: When we worship God it destroys our pride.

What You Need: 1 pair of “Clark Kent” style glasses (a pair of sunglasses will work too)

Scripture Reference: James 4:6, “…God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (KJV)

Spiritual Application:

How many of you know who Clark Kent is? Clark Kent is the “secret identity” of Superman. It’s a funny thing about Clark Kent.

He really doesn’t do a whole lot to hide his secret identity.

Batman at least has a mask, but Superman just puts on a pair of glasses.

(Put on the glasses.)

And then, wallah! He is Clark Kent.

He takes the glasses off and he is Superman. He puts the glasses on ….Clark Kent.

He takes his glasses off …. Superman.

The real funny thing is that Lois Lane never figures it out.

These glasses that I have are what I call my “pride glasses.”

There are times in your life where pride is stopping you from entering into worship.

Do you ever have thoughts like this, “I don’t want to sing because I don’t sing very good?” Or, “I don’t want to lift my hands because what will my friends think of me?”

I must be honest with you, I have had thoughts like that.

A big one for me was, “Don’t get too loud or excited during worship.”

I liked quiet worship. My favorite worship scripture was, “Be still and know that I am God.”

One day the spirit of God asked me, “How come you never shout during worship?”

“I don’t know. How come I don’t shout at worship?” I responded to the Lord.

“Because of pride. You are concerned about what others think of you.”

One thing about pride is that it will hinder your worship.

If we really want to get into the presence of God, we need to lay down our pride.

How do we do that?

Just do the thing that you are embarrassed to do.

Don’t let pride

#3 Charge Up Your Spirit

What You’ll Learn: Praying in tongues charges up your spirit.

Scripture Reference: I Corinthians 14:4, “He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself…” (KJV)

What You Need: Nintendo video game (can substitute cell phone or computer) Power cord for Nintendo

Object Lesson Application:

(Hold Nintendo in hand at beginning of this lesson.)

Has this ever happened to you?

You get all your work done, your homework, all of your chores are done, it’s not time for dinner, so you have a few minutes.

You pick up your Nintendo for a few minutes of uninterrupted game time.

(Attempt to start Nintendo game.)

You push the “on” button and then nothing. Oh, no!

It isn’t charged up.

Okay, so fine. Then you begin the quest of finding the power cord.

(Hook up the game to the plugged in power cord.)

You look in your drawer, behind the dresser, under the bed.

Oh, there it is in the bathroom. So, now let the fun begin.

You plug in your power cord and now you are ready to go.

This reminds me about our spirit man.

Just like your Nintendo can’t go indefinitely without getting plugged in and charged up, your spirit man can’t do indefinitely without getting charged up either.

You charge your spirit man up by praying in other tongues.

The Bible tells us that when we pray in an unknown tongue it edifies or builds up our spirit man.

When we get tired and our bodies are wore down, we have to rest and eat right to get our bodies charged back up.

When our mind is like jello from too much homework, you have to take a rest.

Our spirit man can get worn down too.

People sometimes call it “burn out.”

That is when we are doing and giving and putting out, but not putting in and not connecting with God.

By praying in the spirit it will build up your spirit man.

It will charge you up and then you are ready to go.

#4 Think Before You Speak

What You Will Learn: Your words can destroy your prayers.

What You Need:

  • 1 table
  • Several large building blocks (made of wood or cardboard)

Contestants : 2 Contestants

Preparation: Place building blocks on table.

Instructions : Contestant 1 will build the biggest and best building in 2 minutes. When finished, Contestant 1 steps back. Contestant 2 comes forward. Ask Contestant 2 to destroy the building that Contestant 1 built.

Spiritual Application:

Did you notice how much easier it was to destroy the building than it was to build it? Our

hands can be used to build things or they can be used to destroy things. The same is true

with our words. We can use our words to pray in faith and create things, or we can use our

words to destroy our prayers. Be careful what you say after you pray. Negative words will

destroy your prayers.

When you want to say something negative, don’t do it. Instead lift up your hands and thank

God for the answer.

There you have it, I’ve given you 4 great Sunday School Lessons that will help you teach on the subject of prayer!

Mark Harper

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