I’ll Never Forget…

I'll never forget...

I’ll never forget the time…  

I was standing in the back waiting for a Saturday 5PM service to begin.

We had recently promoted our new 1st graders into our grade school class.

We all know when kids are promoted to a new class the world can feel like its crumbling!

This particular group of 1st graders had been particularly tough to wrangle – even for an athletic 26 year old.

To be honest I was feeling discouraged.

Just as I was contemplating my strategy to keep the 1st graders engaged a parent came up to me.

“She had just dropped off her newly promoted 1st grader Chloe to class.”

Chloe was a shy little girl but she really enjoyed coming to the “big kids” class.

Chloe’s mom began to tell me how thankful she was for the teaching we were doing in our class.

At that time we were starting the Super Church 2.0 Prayer series.

The week before we had been talking about the importance of spending time with God.

Little did I know, Chloe was taking in every part of the lesson the week before.

The memory verse, the bottom line, the object lessons!

All of it!

Chloe went home and asked her parents to pray with her!

This blew me away.

Chloe’s mom was just one of many parents who told me how much my teaching on Super Church 2.0 Prayer ministered to their children throughout the 12 week series.

Here’s the good news…

You can tech your kids the same thing I taught my kids.

This curriculum isn’t sealed up in a vault, you can experience these same results in your children’s ministry.

What’s even better is…

Super Chruch is offering this curriculum on prayer at an amazing price

Each 12-week unit of Super Church 2.0 sells for $149.
But wait – the deal gets better.
If you buy three units at the discounted price of $99 – we will give you one unit for FREE!
You get $596 worth of curriculum for $297.

Don’t delay, get yours today!

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