A Simple Way to Add Value to Others

Several years ago, Mark and I were at a conference.  On the way to the conference we stopped at a coffee shop.  At the check-out I noticed a small package of Chocolate Cherries and purchased them.  I love Chocolate Cherries! I loved them so much, that I ate the whole package.

The next day when we went back to get coffee, and I picked up another package of Chocolate Cherries.  I ate them more slowly.  I had intended to go back to coffee shop and get at least one or two more small packages of Chocolate Cherries to take home with me, before we left, but I never made it back. 

So all I had left was one, small, half-eaten package of Chocolate Cherries and all of a sudden they became valuable, very valuable.

  • What made them valuable?
  • When did they become precious? 

They became valuable and precious when I changed, because I placed the high value on them. 

I changed the way that I was thinking and they became valuable to me.

Now, I challenge you.  Take a look around. 

  • Who do you work with? 
  • Who do you serve with? 
  • Who is among you? 

It is important that we value those that are around, among and with us. 

ROMANS 12:10 (AMP)

Be devoted to one another with [authentic] brotherly affection [as members of one family], give preference to one another in honor.

John Maxwell says, “To add value to others, one must first value others.”

You may say, “I do value those around me.” 

I say, “Take it up a notch.” 

Value them more, by telling them.

Everyone is experiencing life in a different way, right now.  We can’t take for granted the people that the Lord has sent to us, to work alongside with. 

Make sure you are reaching out and letting them know how much they are a part of your team, how much you need and value them.

Even those who can’t jump back on your ministry schedule right now – reach out to them too.

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