Christmas Activities Bundle

Christmas is such a busy time!

There are so many things to do at church! We wanted to make something to help you in the best and the busiest time of the year!

So we made an Activity Bundle. We call it a bundle because it is full of things for you and your ministry.

2 Games

We know that Christmas means more wiggly little people, so we made two games. The best part of these games, is that they are Biblically based. We came up with words for Charades, or pictionary, that are straight from the Bible. You won’t find Santa in this game! Not that there is anything wrong with Santa.

We also made a trivia game, again, all based on the Bible.

7 Color Pages

All of our color pages are kid tested (by my own kids). We’ve got a special James and Andi (the characters from Kinder Church 2.0) color page, a Nativity Scene, and Baby Jesus.

8 Activity Pages

These are for your older kids. Word searches, Crosswords, mazes and secret codes!

The best part of this! It’s totally FREE!

CLICK HERE to get yours today!

1. Pick 2 teams
2. Use the Charades Game (included in your bundle), cutting them into pieces and put in a container.
3. Each player, (one at a time) takes a game piece and acts it out for their team to guess, using no words only gestures.
4.  Set a timer.
5.  Once time is up or charade guessed correctly, the opposite team take a turn.
6.  Keep track of who wins each round.

1. The Trivia Game uses PowerPoint slides.
2. Simply add Trivia Game PowerPoint slides to your computer.
3. Before, during or after a service you can use the slides to play a Trivia Game.

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