Can Anger Be A Good Thing?

Can Anger Be a Good Thing?

Have you ever felt you were surrounded by angry people?  From road rage to social media debates, people are expressing their anger loud and clear.

Raising kids can be challenging when they see anger on display.  It is important that we give our kids a positive way to process their emotions. 

Anger is a normal feeling that we all get. 

Anger can be a good thing. Anger alerts us when someone has crossed our boundaries.  It is good to protect yourself from getting hurt by others, but it is wrong to use our anger to punish those that have hurt us.

Feeling angry often can impact relationships and a person’s well-being. Suppressing and storing up anger can also have a damaging and lasting impact.

In these cases, the emotion of anger can affect a person’s decision-making process, damage relationships, and cause harm. Learning to control anger can limit the emotional damage.

As leaders and parents, it’s important to set our kids up for success, by modeling healthy ways to process our anger.

Here are some good tips for kids and parents both.

Do not let your anger turn into sin.  

Is it possible to be angry and sin not?  I asked the Lord once, “When does the sin begin?”  He said, “The sin begins when you open your mouth.”  Have you ever been really, really angry?  Like red hot angry.  If so, it is best to keep your mouth shut.  Never use your words to punish people.

Do not let anger control you. 

Have you ever done something while you were angry that you regretted later on?  When you were mad it felt good, but after the anger was gone, you felt ashamed.  If so, then you let anger take control. 

God wants you to be in control so never give the steering wheel to anger.  Exercise self-control.  In others words stay in control of yourself.

Find a quick sword (by sword I mean scripture).

When you get angry you don’t have time figure out what’s going on. You and your kids will get angry again. Be prepared.

Here is a scripture that I use.

“Fools show their annoyance at once, let the prudent overlook an insult.” Proverbs 12:16

God wants us to do three things with our anger.

  1. Overlook the small things.  Forgive one another.
  2. Don’t let anger take control.  Wait until you calm down.
  3. Deal with it.  Don’t go to bed if you are still angry.  Talk to whoever you are mad at, but be nice about it.  Never use your words to punish people.

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