I Have Some Great News For You.

In 1988, we published Super Church Classic. We marketed Super Church as a curriculum for spirit filled, charismatic churches who are tired of teaching from luke-warm curriculum. 

We were not prepared for the response. It was hard for us to keep up with all the orders in those early days. We found out that there were thousands of churches, just like my church, that wanted their kids to experience the move of the Holy Spirit. 

In 2010, we updated Super Church Classic to Super Church 2.0. We totally rewrote the curriculum, added short films and media elements, however we have continued to have many customers ask us for the original Super Church Classic which has been out of print for ten years.

So, by popular demand we are officially bringing back Year 1 of Super Church Classic.

Are you ready for some more good news? 

You can buy the entire year of Super Church Classic for $99.

That’s 52 weeks of curriculum for $99. 

Are you interested?  Click here for all the details.

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Mark Harper

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