There are four basic steps for an effective Kids Ministry Service.


Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”

The first step for an effective children’s church service is to have a goal.  You have to get past, “What am I going to teach next week?”  Develop a teaching plan for the year. By doing this you and your team know where you are going. You should have a long and short range goal.  Your long range goal should be what you want to see accomplished this year in your kids’ church.  What type of growth do you want to see in the children? Where do you want them to be in one year?

Your short range goal should be based on where are kids at right now spiritually? What do they need to grow in?  For example: if your kids aren’t filled with the Holy Spirit, you might want to start to teach them about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


One thing that I have found that helps me when I teach kids, is to teach in a series.  Instead of skipping all over the Bible I pick a subject I want to teach on. It helps me to avoid one week talking about love and the next week talking about sin with no connection between the two.

As I thought about the pastors that I have learned from, they taught in a series.  I realized that when someone taught me the Bible in a series, I retained more of what they taught.


Repetition is an important tool when teaching children.  Children do not get a message just because you teach it one time, so take the time to review what you teach.  When I teach, the first thing I do before introducing new material is to review what I taught the week before.  This is a great time to add fun and into your service.


An effective kid’s service is taught by theme.  When teaching children, it is important to change up what our are doing every 5-10 minutes.  You don’t change the subject, just the method. Object lessons, drama skits, songs, Bible stories, short films are all tools to teach Bible principles.  Keep the main point, your theme, but change how you teach it.  This allows kids to stay engaged while learning. Don’t try to teach more that none subject per class.

Taking these four basic principles into consideration is how Super Church Classic was developed.

When I started out, I thought, “Where do I want my children church kids to be at the end of the year?”  I picked out the topics I wanted to cover and then broke it down and developed the series I would teach.

Super Church Classic Year 1 is neatly organized into four teaching series:

  • Christian Foundations starts your kids off with a solid foundation as you cover the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. 
  • Learning To Pray gives your kids scriptural keys to answered prayer.  You will teach a different kind of prayer each week.
  • Divine Healing establishes the origin of sickness and how they can receive supernatural healing.  This in-depth study shows how Jesus paid the price for our healing and then gives seven scriptural ways that God still heals today.
  • Gifts Of The Spirit teaches children how to hear the voice of God, and about the nine gifts of the Spirit. Children are fully capable of operating in the Gifts of the Spirit, they just need someone to believe they can and to teach them. 

Each lesson in the Super Church Classic series is designed to build upon each other. This is where repetition comes in.  When you teach the Prayer series, you will start with the Prayer of Salvation.  Each week you will review the previous lessons.  By the time you are finished with the Prayer series, you will have reviewed the first lesson ten times.

Super Church Classic Year 1 is written in a series and each week built on a theme.  Throughout the year you will teach 48 Spirit-Filled Lessons using 96 Object Lessons, 48 Drama Scripts, 48 Recorded Puppet Skits, 48 Coloring Pages, 48 Review Question Slides and 4 Review Games.

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So, what are you waiting for?

You can buy the entire year of Super Church Classic for $99.

That’s 52 weeks of curriculum for $99.  (Only $1.90 per lesson.)

Here is what you get:

  • 48 Spirit-Filled Lessons
  • 96 Object Lessons
  • 48 Drama Scripts
  • 48 Recorded Puppet Skits
  • 48 Coloring Pages
  • 48 Review Question Slides
  • 4 Review Games

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