Don’t Overlook This…

“When will things get back to, sort-of-normal?”

We have all thought this at some point. Unless you’ve been too busy, in KidMin, creating your new – temporary – reality.

During this pandemic, it has been challenging to have a call in your heart to reach kids with the gospel, and yet have to go by new rules and guidelines which have hindered your plans and routine.

Everyone’s “New Reality” has changed.

At our church, we started back with children’s ministry several months ago. 

There were logistical changes we made, temperature checks for kids and parents, directional signs, and social distancing procedures in the classrooms, to name a few.

In the classroom, one thing I wanted to create was a fun place.

I’ve always created fun in my Kid’s Ministry, but this time it was different. 

When we started our kid’s ministry program up again, kid’s had been home, cooped up for a couple of months.  School had been shut down for the year early.  Playgrounds were not open and all kid’s sports for the spring and summer had been cancelled.

I felt that kids needed a chance to be kids.  Because of the pandemic, there were so many things families were dealing with, and so many things that had been taken away from them, that I felt it was important to let them – play.

I built in my service schedule, time to go outside.  Now that it is fall, we still have time each service to go run, play group games and have fun.

Which brings me back to the balancing act.  I took time out of my kid’s service, because I felt it important to allow kids to be kids, but I still need to preach the word. 

“Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.” — Luke xviii. 17.

I want to share with you an excerpt from a Charles Haddon Spurgeon sermon:

WHEN our Lord blessed the little children he was making his last journey to Jerusalem. It was a farewell blessing which He gave to the little ones, and it reminds us of the fact that among His parting words to His disciples, before He was taken up, we find the tender charge, “Feed my lambs.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ is not here among us in person; but we know where He is, and we know that He is clothed with all power in heaven and in earth to bless His people.

Let us give our children, and, indeed, all children, a leading place. We know more of Jesus than the women of in Jesus’ day; let us, therefore, be even more eager than they were to bring our children to Him that He may bless them, and that they may be accepted in Him, even as we ourselves are.

Let none of us be content, whether we be parents or teachers, until he has received our children, and has so blessed them that we are sure that they have entered the kingdom of God.”

With a clean page we are to believe

“Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.” — Luke xviii. 17.

So what was Jesus talking about?  How does a child receive the kingdom of God?

A child receives the gospel with humility, with simple faith, and with unworldliness.

They don’t have to rid their mind from:

  • Self-righteousness – they have the ability to earn their salvation through something they can do themselves.
  • Knowledge – learned ideas and philosophies that are not godly.
  • Their past – they are young and most have not have a life of sin they must overcome.

Take a little child and tell him about Christ Jesus the Savior, he believes it, he receives it without having any wrong views and notions to battle with.

Don’t overlook this, don’t forget to do this one thing – preach God’s Word and point them to Christ.

I’ve made adjustments to my kid’s services, but I have also continued to preach God’s Word and present altar calls.  (In September, we had 29 new salvations.)

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