PRAYER: Teaching Kids How To Get Answers To THEIR Prayers.

Do you remember the first prayer that you prayed and received an answer?

What was that like?

It was empowering and exciting, wasn’t it?

That is why it is important to teach kids how to pray and get answers to their prayers.

STEP ONE: Teaching kids that prayer is the key to our relationship with God. 

A relationship with God is similar to our relationship with our parents or a good friend.  The more we pray the stronger our friendship with God is. 

If we don’t pray very much, then we don’t have much of a friendship.  This would be kind of like someone you knew at school, but you never spent time with them.

STEP TWO: Teaching kids what prayer is?  

Prayer is simply talking to God and listening to God.  It’s not hard to do.  God wants to talk to you so He makes it easy for us to pray.  You don’t have to be really smart, really strong or really popular to pray.

Most people don’t know how to pray when they get started.  We are like the disciples who said, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

On the other hand, some people get into a rut in their prayer life.  They click into a certain way of praying because that is what they have always done. 

However, if our prayer life is not being effective, we need to stop and think about what the Bible says about prayer.

The Bible is our instruction book on how to pray.

The same lessons that I have taught, are yours in the Super Church 2.0 Prayer.

This series will teach your kids how to pray effectively and get answers to their prayers.

 In this 12-week series here is what YOUR KIDS will learn:

  • What prayer is?
  • What hinders prayer?
  • How to spend time with God.
  • 9 different prayers, their guidelines and how to pray them (Prayer of Salvation, Prayer of Consecration, Prayer of Intercession, Prayer of Agreement to name a few.)

I have Inter-Active Object Lesson called “Knife or Fork” that teaches kids that every prayer is not the same and why there are different prayers.

You can have this Inter Object Lesson for FREE == CLICK HERE

By the end of this series your kids will know how pray nine different prayers and when to pray them.

The Super Church 2.0 Prayer series is $149.
Here’s what you will receive:

  • Large & Small Group Curriculum
  • Home Devotional
  • Bottom Line & Memory Verse Media
  • Adventures of the Masked Hero – Motion Comic
  • Hilarious Short Film each week
  • Digital Review Questions
  • Activity Pages

You can purchase Super Church 2.0 Prayer as:

  • Digital Download (immediately available)
  • DVD/CD set (shipped to you – $10 shipping applies)

==>> Order Super Church 2.0 Prayer

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