Free Craft about Love

Giving It Away

What You Need:

What You Do:

  • Each child will make a card to “Give” to someone to show kindness.
  • They should write the name of the person they are giving it to on the card.
  • Inside the circle, cover with glue and then add glitter.
  • They can use markers and/or crayons to decorate the rest of the card.

What You Say:

Boys and girls, we have been learning today about being kind to others. How to do it, what it feels like when we are kind and when we are unkind. So, right now I want you to think of someone you would like to show kindness to. It may be your mom or dad, your sister, your neighbor, your grandma. Who is that for you? (Allow for the children who want to respond.) You have a chance to show that person kindness. You get to make them a cool picture and you can give it to them.


MOTIONS: Be Kind (point your fingers to your mouth and smile) To One (point both index fingers out in a number one) Another (point crazily all around at all the kids)

This craft is taken from Kinder Church 2.0 The Love Bundle. CLICK HERE to learn more.

P.S. Did you know that Kinder Church 2.0 The Love Bundle correlates perfectly with Super Church 2.0 Agape? CLICK HERE to learn more.

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