How to Host the World’s Largest Sunday

What is it about Ice Cream that just brings people together? This weekend, our Church celebrated the Super Bowl by hosting “Super Sunday”. It was a lot of fun, we decorated our whole church football themed and had hotdogs and little footballs – the excitement was in the air. We wanted to do something extra fun for the kids at our church, so at Super Sunday, we had a Super Sundae! It was a hit! All the kids loved it!

So, I thought I would share with you how we made our Super Sundae.

FYI: We served 500 children ice cream sundaes with ice cream, whip cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles. We had 6 volunteers and we had access to a freezer.)

What You Need:

  • Ice Cream, in rectangle cartons (14 servings per carton)
  • Sprinkles (we had blue – for the Patriots, green – for the Eagles and Rainbow just because)
  • Whipped Cream from the can
  • Bowls and spoons
  • Butcher Knife
  • Cookie Trays or Foil Roasting Pans
  • Rain Gutters


  1. Buy All The Ingredients. (You can find most items at your local warehouse store, but I found it best to use vanilla ice cream in a rectangle carton and found those at my local grocery store – Walmart carries them also.)
  2. How Do You Figure? (For the ice cream, using a carton, I figured 14 servings per carton.  For 500 servings I had 37 cartons of ice cream, 12 cans of whip cream, 8  bottles of syrup, 15 bottles of sprinkles.)
  3. Dish Up The Ice Cream. (This is when you need that Butcher knife.  I cut 14 cubes from each block of ice cream. I found that it was easier to cut the ice cream if it was out on the counter for a couple of minutes. Once it is cut, put each square into a serving bowl and make sure there is no ice cream above the bowl sides.  Using cookie trays or foil roasting pans, put the filled ice cream cups together.  Then stack multiple trays onto each other to store into freezer and pull out when you need it.)
  4. Why Do I Need Rain Gutters? (The rain gutter became our visual aid leading up to Super Sundae.  A month before this special service, we would pull out the gutters and show the kids how long our Super Sundae was going to be.  I had 100 feet of gutter.  This is a great time to encourage kids to invite their friends.  Remember we served 500 kids.  There are other ways to show your kids church you will be serving A LOT of ice cream if you don’t use the gutter idea – show the bottles of chocolate syrup, or the bowls you will be filling.  We purchased NEW gutters for this.)
  5. When To Serve? (This is when you need GREAT communication with whoever is teaching your Large Group.  About 20 minutes before it was time to serve the kids is when I began th
    e construction of our Super Sundae.)
  6. How To Construct.  (I took the bowls of ice cream and placed them in the gutter.  Once they were in, then I had people put the whipped cream on first, then the syrup and sprinkles on top, this way the syrup is not buried under the whip cream.  I finished by putting a spoon in each cup.)
  7. What About Kids That Are Lactose Intolerant or Allergic? (You want to make sure that leading up to this event that you are communicating with the parents of the kids in your kids church.  In your email, advertising this special event to the parents, let them know you will be serving ice cream.  Our alternative to the ice cream was freeze pops and animal crackers.  We put both on the table and the kids could take what they wanted.)

With a little planning, this event went great! We actually had two services, so we did this twice in one morning! I had a lot of fun and hope you do too.  Oh, and this can also be a great team building, fun event.    

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