What To Do When God Seems Far Away

What to do when God seems far away
  • Has there been a time in your life where things were really difficult?
  • Have you ever felt like God was far away?
  • Had the feeling like you were wandering around a desert with no map?

Sometimes God can feel like He is far away from us.

One thing I sometimes forget is kids can feel the same way that I do.

Kids are going through difficult situations in their lives too whether it is bullying, difficulty making friends, and families being divorced just to name a few.

Our kids can feel like God is far away and wonder where He is in their life.

Personally, when I get the feeling of distance between God and myself there are a couple of things I do, I evaluate how I am spending my time and if I need to repent of something I’ve done wrong.

Many times I discover I am missing my daily devotions and time with God.

As soon as I get into God’s Word and begin talking with the Lord I begin to feel closer to God.

I understand that our relationship with God is not based on our feelings, but I have a peace that comes from getting into God’s presence.

This is something you and I know is a critical faith skill for not only us but our kids to develop.

So my question is…

Are you developing this skill in your kids in your weekend or mid-week services?

If we do not teach our kids how to have a daily devotional and spend time with God they will end up feeling lost at times.

I encourage you to make Bible reading a part of your weekly services whether it is in the large group or small group setting.

Instill in your kids the discipline of drawing near to God through devotions and prayer.

At Super Church, we are passionate about kids cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship with God.

That is why we developed a 12-week series called “Finding God”.

This is a faith skill that will take your kids to the next level in their walk with God.

Here are the first seven lessons: 
Lesson 1: What is God Looking For? – Luke 19:10
Lesson 2: Treasure Hunter – John 15:13
Lesson 3: What Is Sin? – Romans 6:23
Lesson 4: Repentance – John 3:30
Lesson 5: Devotions – John 1:1
Lesson 6: Prayer – Matthew 6:6
Lesson 7: Worship – John 4:23

If this is where you want your kids to be when they are ready to move up to pre teen and youth ministry, you need to build your programs and curriculum around this goal!


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