The One About The Importance Of Devotions

Can I ask you a few questions?

  • Do you want your kids to have a daily devotional time with God?
  • Would you like to see an excitement and enthusiasm for God’s Word in your kids?
  • Is it important for our kids to have a heart for the lost?

I imagine your answer to all three of these questions is a resounding, YES!

But here is the more challenging word I have to share with you.

It isn’t enough for you and I to place these goals in our vision statement or highlight these in kids ministry books we read.

If we want our kids to have a daily devotional time with God, excited about God’s Word and a heart for the lost…

we have to put our desired outcomes into action by teaching them with varying methodology in our weekly services.

You and I only have between four to five years depending on your ministry structure before kids enter into preteen and youth ministry.

More importantly, those four to five years come with varying amounts of time to plant the timeless, eternal truths of God’s Word.

One faith skill we must develop in our kids is a life-long passion for spending time with God on a daily basis.

It is during these times of devotions that God will speak deep things to our kids that forever change their lives.

Out of their personal devotions will flow a passion for kingdom causes and a softness of heart towards those who do not know Christ.

In a world that is rapidly changing they will remain steadfast in their faith and God who is unchanging.

At Super Church we are passionate about kids cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship with God.

That is why we developed a 12-week series called “Finding God”.

Normally “Finding God” sells for $149, but for the next two weeks you can purchase it for $99.

I want this to get into the hands of every children’s pastor because you and I are training the next generation of world, business and church leaders.

Here’s the first seven lessons: 
Lesson 1: What is God Looking For? – Luke 19:10
Lesson 2: Treasure Hunter – John 15:13
Lesson 3: What Is Sin? – Romans 6:23
Lesson 4: Repentance – John 3:30
Lesson 5: Devotions – John 1:1
Lesson 6: Prayer – Matthew 6:6
Lesson 7: Worship – John 4:23

If this is where you want your kids to be when they are ready to move up to preteen and youth ministry, you need to build your programs and curriculum around this goal!

Don’t delay, get your “Finding God” curriculum today!

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