How To Develop Leadership Skills In Your Kids

One day a parent asked me the following question:
“What is the most important thing I can do to make sure my kids stay in church when they become an adult?”
I did not hesitate.
“Teach them to be a leader.”
Of course, I can’t guarantee that your child will stay in church when they become an adult, but I can tell you how to increase the odds.

People that get involved in church stay in church.People that do not get involved in church, may hang around for a while, but will eventually leave.  

I had a unique opportunity to observe this first hand. I was children’s pastor at a mega church in Minneapolis from 1986 –1992. I launched out in my own ministry from 1992 to 2002. But then was offered the children’s pastor job back at the same church
The first thing I did was to look for the kids that grew up in Super Church in the 80’s.

To my surprise most of “my kids” were not there.
The statistics held true. Eighty percent of the kids from my Kids Church had left the church.
But there is some Good News! I found that 60% of the kids that were involved in one of our ministries were still in the church.
Here are some examples:
• Monica was eleven when she started leading worship in Super Church. Today Monica is 35 and she sings in the sanctuary.
• Kelly and her husband pastor a church.
• Ginger and Krista are teachers.
• Jacob who is the president of a national company. 

All of them started in ministry at 9 or 10 years old. They were on the Puppet Team or the Worship Team or AV Team and they are still in ministry today.
The heart of a pastor is discipleship.

 A pastor gives people an opportunity to do things.A children’s pastor gives kids an opportunity to do things.If you are a one-man team you are not making disciples. 

They say that 20% of the people in our churches do 80% of the work.
Why is that?
Maybe because we tell them when they are children that they can’t do anything for the Lord and they continue to believe that when they become adults.
Over the past thirty years Debbie and I have trained hundreds of kids in ministry. Many of them are in full time ministry today.
We didn’t just teach them how to sing or act. We taught them about leadership.
You have kids leading right now. If you stop and think about it, you know who they are.  They may be leading with your or they may not, but they are leading.
So, why not teach them how to lead “with” you?
We took our lessons on leadership and put them into print so you can teach them to your kids – Super Church 2.0 Leadership.
 A benefit you will see by teaching Super Church 2.0 Leadership is that your adult volunteers will become better leaders.
In fact, I think the best way to learn to be a leader is to teach on leadership.
Your own words will build an internal compass in your heart.

If you want to teach these things to your kids, then Super Church 2.0 Leadership is the best curriculum choice you can make. 
You will get 12 lessons that develop the gifts in your kids and will teach them how to be a leader.
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