Tap Into The Leadership Gifts of Your Kids

It’s easy for a parent or a teacher to recognize leadership gifts in their children.

If I can spend several hours teaching and observing a group of children, I can pick out who the leaders are.

One thing about people who have leadership gifts is that they will find a way to use their gifts.

It is much better if I have the peer leaders on my side, leading the children in a godly direction, than for the peer leaders to be pulling against me.

If I don’t have a place for children to use their leadership gifts, then they will end up pulling against me. 

I remember one summer I was complaining to the Lord, because by the time I would get people trained they would leave.

I told the Lord, “It takes six months to get people trained in puppetry. We had quality puppetry for three months of the year and then they leave!”

The Holy Spirit said to me, “Use the kids.”

“That’s not going to work, God! They are not old enough.” I responded.

“Use the kids.” I heard again.

Finally, I said, “Okay, God, I’ll use the kids. I know this won’t work, but just to prove to You that You’re wrong, I’ll use the kids.”

(Now don’t tell me you have never thought that about something God has said to you!)

So, I obeyed God and prayerfully selected seven children to be part of the Super Church Puppet Team.

In two short months we had some great puppeteers.

They learned quicker than the adults did!

As I got into this, I began to realize it was an incredible opportunity for discipleship and leadership training.

More importantly, I took my first step toward pastoring and discipling children by starting the puppet team.

I always told kids that I was not training them for puppets; I was training them for ministry.

I know you want to tap into the leadership gifts of your children too, so I have created an entire curriculum on Leadership just for kids.

After teaching kids to be leaders for over 30 years, I put everything I know into one 12-week curriculum.

Debbie and I have trained hundreds of kids to be leaders and I want you to train your kids too.

The truth is that the majority of kids that you train in ministry will stay in the church.

This is why teaching kids on leadership, is so important.

Bottom line is you get some great curriculum, at a great price, and your kids learn to be leaders.

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