How To Teach Kids The POWER of CHOICE

One of the most powerful things God has given us is the power of choice.  He is the almighty and all powerful God, and even though He can do anything, the only thing He won’t do is make you serve Him.   It’s our choice.

The freedom of choice is God’s idea. He wants us to love Him, because we want to. God will do anything for us, but it begins with us wanting Him, because we love Him.

We cannot make our kids serve God. They have to choose God for themselves. God has given them a free will also. 

As kids are growing up, sometimes it is easier for them to depend on mom and dad’s relationship with God, than it is to develop their own relationship with God. 

For instance:

  • If they get a cough it is easier to go to mom and have her pray than it is to develop their own faith. 
  • If they want a new bike, it is easier to go to dad and ask for a new bike, than it is to save money and buy a new bike. 

It’s important for kids to ask themselves these questions:

1.   Would I go to church if my parents gave me a choice?

2.   Do I ever read the Bible without being told to?

3.   Do I ever pray on my own because I want to?

When a child begins to read Gods Word, because they choose to, they will begin to develop their own relationship with Father God. 

This is why I wrote Finding God.  This twelve-week series will lead your kids to develop a stronger relationship with the Father God and understand they have the power of choice.

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