We Gave Away Over $100,000 of Curriculum

When the Covid-19 hit, we wanted to be a part of the solution. 

Mark and I, are Kids Pastors, so we know that many churches are on a spending freeze since this pandemic started.

We wanted to know what could we do to help?

The answer, for us, was obvious. Give away resources churches could use. 

So, we decided to give away Super Church 2.0 curriculum to churches that can’t spend right now. 

In the month of April, we gave away Super Church 2.0 Faith (421 sets) and Kids Need the Gospel (261 sets).

This adds up to $101,618 of curriculum.

Every other day, I had between 5-10 boxes to ship.  Needless to say, I became friends with our USPS Carrier during April.

Mark and I believe that when these lessons are taught, a knowledge of what Jesus has done for us and a strong will grow.

We can’t wait to hear the testimonies from what God does with this seed. 

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