How To Thank Your Team In 8 Words Or Less


As a leader, we need to have vision for the future, while not forgetting who helped us yesterday.

One of the best ways is to send a “Thank You” the old-fashioned way – an actual note card from you.

It makes a huge impact on the receiver because of how much we are in-undated with social media.


  • Saying thank you acknowledges our dependence on others.
  • It is important to recognize they had a choice – they did not have to spend their time at your event.


  • When people feel their efforts are noticed they are more likely to go the extra mile in the future.
  • When you recognize the contributions of others, you reinforce the kind of behavior you want to see again.

Leadership is about empowering others to realize their own abilities. 

When you communicate your belief in your people, they rise to meet your expectations.

You may be thinking, ‘How am I supposed to find the time to write personal notes when I have [insert important obligations]?’  I can show you how to thank someone in eight words or less.


Recognize the kind of effort you want to see again soon. Be spontaneous. Be specific, and be prompt.

Here are five tips to help you recognize your team individually:

1.   Strong Assistants or Leaders – you might tell them:

  • Thank you for keeping the momentum going!
  •  I depend on your support.

2.   Organized team members want to hear details:

  • Thank you for transferring all that data perfectly
  • You always meet your deadlines–impressive!

3.   People who like to talk:

  • I enjoy your enthusiasm and others do too.
  • Thanks for keeping the lines of communication open.

 4.   Those who are Reserved or quiet – You could say:

  • Thank you for stepping up and assisting
  • I appreciate your kindness toward everyone.

 5.   When it comes to “flexibility,” those who don’t get flustered easily – you might write:

  • I recognize your easy resilience.
  • Thanks for how you handled [difficult situation].

The power of sincere thanks cannot be overestimated.

Did you have a BIG push last week?  If so, then this would be great time to build up your team.

To help you say “Thank You.”  I have a FREE download for you today.  Downloadable, printable “Thank You” post cards you can mail to your Team Members.


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Debra Harper

2 thoughts on “How To Thank Your Team In 8 Words Or Less

  1. Sherri DeMontgomery says:

    Thank you for reminding us leaders of so very simple things that sometimes get overlooked. This was very refreshing to me and I am writing thank you’s today.

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