Learning To Listen


It is very important that children learn how to listen to their conscience and obey God in the small things.

First Timothy 4:1-2 tells of those who have had their conscience “seared with a hot iron.” These people once were believers, but now they’ve “departed from the faith.”

If you disobey your conscience repeatedly, eventually your conscience will become seared to where you can’t hear God and you don’t know right from wrong.

I’ve met so-called Christians who have no problem lying; in fact they believe their own lies.

Proverbs 20:27 says, “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord.”

When your conscience becomes seared, the light goes out.

Even very young children can learn to listen to their heart.

Children can learn how to listen to their heart – even as young as four years old!

It’s good for children to obey their parents, but it’s better if they learn how to hear God’s voice and obey God on their own.

Mom and Dad won’t always be around, especially when they grow up and one of their friends says to them, “How would you like to try one of these little green pills?”

Sometimes Christian kids grow up and never disobey their parents, but then backslide when they get to college because they don’t know how to make decisions.

Mom and Dad always told them what to do, and they don’t know how to hear from God for themselves.

You still hold veto power, Mom and Dad, but begin to let your children make some decisions on their own.

Teach them how to pray about things and listen to their heart.

Another way that God speaks to us is through the voice of the Spirit of God.

This voice is also an inner voice, but it is much stronger and more authoritative than the voice of your spirit.

When God spoke to the child Samuel, I do not believe that it was an audible voice.

If it were an audible voice, Eli would have heard it too.

Yet, the voice was so strong inside Samuel that it seemed audible to him. This is the voice of the Spirit of God.

You will hear this voice much less frequently than the voice of your own spirit.

Are you teaching your kids to listen?

Mark Harper

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