What Do Preschoolers See In The Mirror?


One of my favorite things about toddlers is how differently they view the world.

For instance, think about a mirror…

I love my mirror, it’s not because I like looking at myself, but it helps me get ready for the day and make sure none of my hair is sticking out sideways before I go to church!

For little toddlers like my daughter Andi…

They run up to the mirror with enthusiasm, giggling, twirling, and talking to themselves.

I imagine her slew of babble would be translated into, “look how BIG I am!”

When it comes to spiritual growth we want kids to be looking into the mirror of God’s Word, so they continue to grow strong in God.

This is why we created our preschool curriculum Kinder Church 2.0.

Kinder Church 2.0 is chalk full of God’s Word, Bible stories and engaging large group and small group lessons to help your kids grow strong in God.

Experience the difference of Kinder Church 2.0 in our latest series “GROW”

Check Out The Lessons:

Lesson 1 – “God’s Word Helps Me Grow”

Lesson 2 – “Jesus Makes Me New”

Lesson 3 – “God’s Word Makes Me Strong”

Lesson 4 – “Do God’s Word”

Your kids will love the lessons and you will see their spiritual growth take off, but the best news is you get all this for $50!

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