Why I Love KidMin

If there is one thing I love, it’s KidMin.

The reason I love KidMin is not because of the zany games I get to create, the seemingly endless supply of candy behind my desk (Yes, I eat some of it!) or the fact I have been commissioned by God to be a big kid as my full time job.

I love KidMin because of the kids I get to minister to on a weekly basis.


Kids are like sponges, they are so excited to learn and take in what is being taught.

They have an amazing amount of faith when they hear about God and what He says in the Bible.

I am challenged every week by my kids and encouraged to press deeper because of their eagerness to learn more about God.

Above this article is one of my favorite pictures of myself & my daughter Andi.

As you can see she thought it was her birthday, but it was mine.

She’s 2 years old and absolutely LOVES to learn and discover.

Realizing this about my daughter it challenged me and inevitably our team at SuperChurch.Com to create a powerful preschool curriculum called Kinder Church 2.0 that engages preschoolers with God’s Word and discovering their Identity in Christ.

We’ve had amazing testimonies from KidMin Leaders just like you who use Kinder Church 2.0 in their preschool ministries:

“KinderChurch 2.0 is amazing! We have tried several preschool curriculum options and even wrote our own, but this has been my favorite so far. One of my favorite things about SuperChurch is their heart to develop children’s ministers, not just children, by giving tips for teaching preschoolers. Each lesson teaches the main idea in several different ways to help our littles remember the Word, and since our teachers rotate, it is very easy for them to jump in and teach with these lessons.” – Sheree W.

 I was at life groups last night. One of the grandmothers grabbed me and called her grandson over to me to say this weeks memory verse. 1 Cor 13:5. She was so impressed he remembered it.” – Kim H.


Lance McKinnon, SuperChurch.Com

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