The Importance Of Clearly Presenting The Gospel

It’s Lance and I’ve got a story I’d like to share with you today.

My wife and I were lucky enough to be a part of Jim Wideman or as many call him Brother Jim’s coaching program.

During one session a few months ago, Brother Jim shared on the importance of having a clear presentation of the Gospel in our children’s ministry.

There has been a tremendous emphasis on the development of leadership skills for KidMin leaders in the past few years and I think this is a great thing; however, I think it’s been at the expense of something far more important that Jim Wideman pointed out.

The presentation of the Gospel in our Kids’ Ministries.

Some might say, “Well we have an altar call and allow kids to receive Christ every week.”

THANK YOU for doing altar calls, but that is not what I am getting at…

Is the message of the Gospel at the heart of the lessons we are teaching in our Kids’ Ministries?

Is there scripture packed into our lessons and meaningful accounts from the Bible that help our kids realize that we need God’s help to “be good”, “obey right away” and “honor our father and mother”!

If this challenges you, that’s great, because I believe it is time for us to step back and evaluate what we are doing.

Here’s some tips you can use to evaluate your Kids’ Ministry:

1. Watch one of your teachers on a Sunday and evaluate the lesson to see if the message of the Gospel is being clearly presented. If you are the only one teaching, set aside some time to go through your curriculum with a critical eye.

2. Record yourself teaching the material so you can critique how you are presenting the message of the Gospel in your lessons. This one might be uncomfortable, but it’s a technique I use in speaking classes that works wonders.

3. Pour yourself into the lessons and challenge your teachers to pour themselves into the lessons so that on weekends & mid-weeks you are operating out of your overflow.

At SuperChurch.Com we believe a clear presentation of the Gospel is priority number one.

Lance McKinnon, SuperChurch.Com

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