Millennial Dads are the Worst…

Millennial Dads are the worst...

“Millennial Dads are the worst at neglecting their kids.”

“They are the worst at not being involved in their kids’ life.”

A couple of years ago, someone walked up to my husband and asked him if he was involved in our one-year-old daughter’s life.

My husband responded kindly saying he enjoyed taking part in our daughter’s life from diaper duty to tea parties on the floor.

The man looked relieved but continued the conversation by saying most millennial fathers are not a part of their kids’ life until their child is about two-years-old.

I was shocked, I am pretty sure my mouth fell to the floor like they do in cartoons.

Lance and Andi

His statement made me angry! Millennials get a bad reputation not only in this area, but have been labeled as being lazy, self-entitled, unteachable, and the list goes on.

Most fathers that I know, that happen to be millennials are great fathers!

  • They are involved.
  • They are all in.

My Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of millennial dads taking their kids to the park, and spending time with them.

They love their kids and it shows!

I am simply talking from my own experience. I have not met every single millennial who is a father; however, I challenge you to scroll through your social media feed and look at all the millennial dad’s out there doing a great job with their kids.

Lance and Luci

Dads, I just want to take a second and encourage you to stay involved.

  • You are not a babysitter
  • You are an equal parent of your children
  • You play such an important role in your kids’ life

So here is my call to action:

If you think millennials are the worst….


  • We should focus on encouraging and speaking words of life over the next generation of parents.

If you are a millennial dad…

  • Keep doing your thing! You are amazing. Your kids and wife will thank you!

If you are married to a millennial dad…

  • Encourage them!

They are doing such a great job, let them know. I find myself sometimes pulling the mom card on my husband, or pulling rank when it comes to decisions for our children. Relax and listen to them, their opinion matters too!

If you are a kid’s pastor…

  • Let’s start to get more men in kid’s ministry.

I suggest to start with those millennial dads, they will definitely be an asset to your team!

Happy Father’s Day and thank you for being awesome!

PS: Here is a link to a free Father’s Day coloring page.

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