One Way to Partner With Parents

You and I become like the people we hang with.

The same thing is true concerning our children. Our kids become like who they hang with. If they hang with kids who love the Lord, they will love the Lord. The reverse is also true.
I have had parents say this to me, “I decide who my kids’ friends are.”
The truth is you really can’t do this. You cannot make your kids like someone.
At some point, kids will begin to make their own choices about who their friends are. Parents will not always be there to make the choice for them.
This is one way that we can partner with parents in your church – teach kids how to make friends.
How many times have you said something to your own kids, over and over and over and they just don’t get it.  BUT, their youth pastor, or your parents say the exact same thing and they listen and get it.
This is where you can be the “other” voice for parents.
As a Christian Leader, we can teach skills to kids and communicate healthy habits in a way that they will listen and hear.
One thing I have observed, it’s pretty easy to identify unhealthy or toxic friendships, but much harder to spot healthy friendships.
So, how do we teach our kids to see and make good friends?
It begins with teaching them how to evaluate themselves.
Kids can begin by asking themselves this question, “Am I being the friend that I want my friend to be?”

  • If we want to have healthy friends, we need to learn how to be a good friend.
  • This is a Bible principle.
  • We reap what we sow.

I came up with a list of eight habits of healthy friends. 
Here are three of the eight healthy habits:
Healthy Boundaries
Someone with healthy boundaries knows who to say “Yes” to the good and “No” to the bad.
Good Listening Skills
A good friend doesn’t do all the talking.  They know how to listen.  “Be quick to hear and slow to speak.
Slow to Anger
Out of control anger will destroy a friendship.  There will be times you get mad at your friends, but you need to control your anger.  “Do not sin by letting anger take control.”
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