“Nobody wants to be my friend.”

We have all heard these words, either from our own kids or children at church. These words pull at our heart strings.
When we hear these words, it should be a call to action for us. 
For many kid’s shyness is a huge problem.  They are afraid of rejection and many times see themselves as victims.  That is why they say things like, “Nobody wants to be my friend.”
We can help shy kids by showing them how to make friends. Proverbs tells us, “A man that has friends must show himself friendly.”
This is why we created the Super Church BFF: Best Friends Forever series.
Your kids church should be the easiest place for kids to make friends. 

This series will give you a strategy for creating a life-giving atmosphere in your children’s church.
YOU will learn how to identify:

  • The Leaders
  • The Shy kids
  • The Bully

In this four-week series here is what YOUR KIDS will learn:

  • The kids that make friends easy – how to “not clique out.”
  • Tips for the shy kids.
  • How to develop good social skills
  • How to choose friends
  • What is a toxic friendship?
  • What is a good friendship?
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Why listening is important
  • How to “fight” fair

By the end of this series your kids will know how to be a friend and make friends.
The Super Church BFF: Best Friends Forever series is $49.
This series is Digital Download and you will receive immediately.
There are no shipping costs, and no waiting for it to arrive. 

Here’s what you will receive:

  • Large & Small Group Curriculum
  • Home Devotional
  • Bottom Line & Memory Verse Media
  • Adventures of the Masked Hero – Motion Comic
  • Digital Review Questions
  • Activity Pages & Coloring Page

PLUS, that’s not all!

We want to give you 4 short films that reinforce each lesson, FREE!
(These short films are normally $5 per short film – $20 value.)
Right now, you can get BFF: Best Friends Forever, PLUS 4 FREE Short Films for only $49.  (That is a $69 value.)
So, what are you waiting for?  This is a limited time offer.

==>> Order Super Church BFF: Best Friends Forever

Once you place the order, you will receive an email with the FREE BFF Short Film Add-Ons.

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