Should We Do VBS?

I never really understood the name “Vacation Bible School.”  

The words “school” and “vacation” should NEVER be in the same sentence.  

When I hear someone say “Vacation Bible School,” it reminds me of summer school.  

Another thing is Vacation Bible School is not really a vacation for me.  

I always seem to put in a few extra hours during VBS and my office starts to look like a jungle!  One thing I have learned to do is make my “to do list” and also write out a “not to do list.”  

All kidding aside, I am a huge fan of VBS.  

I posed this same question on Facebook, “If you could push a button and wipe away VBS forever would you do it?”  

I was thinking the results of my little poll would be 50/50, but I was off by a long shot.

Results of my poll: 9 said “YES” they would push the button. 37 said “NO.”  

Here are some of the poll comments:

  • Absolutely NO!! This question makes me sad.
  • NO! Just finished our VBS and had 88 children accept Christ this week. Do not grow weary! No way.
  • VBS allowed us to touch the lives of 200 kids and for many of them it is the only exposure they have to the Good News of Jesus’ love and salvation.  

I would call that a success.  

Do I want more for this year?  Of course.

Just reading these comments stirs my passion.  

This year I am amping it up!  Kids have been cramped up inside for too long.  At my church we are having, “Kids Summer Bash.”  It is three days long, and packed with so many fun and exciting things for kids, I know they will be talking about it for a while.  

I am so excited – we already have 215 kids registered!  

Let me know what you are doing, I am looking forward to hearing about your VBS.

Thanks,  Mark & The Super Church Team

Planning a VBS can be a huge task. 

The Program, Snacks, Activities, Registration, Budget, Decorations.

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