The Key to our Kid’s Relationship With God

Have you ever wanted to see your kid’s relationship with God to be stronger?

You are not alone. Every kid’s pastor wants to see their kids grow in God and have a strong relationship with Him.

I have some prayer principles that I impart when I am teaching kids.

Number One:
The Bible teaches us that prayer is a vital key to our relationship with God!

A relationship with God is similar to our relationship with our parents or a good friend. The more we pray the stronger our friendship with God is. If we don’t pray very much, then we don’t have much of a friendship. This would be kind of like someone you knew, but you never spent time with them.
Prayer is simply talking to God and listening to God.

It’s not hard to do. God wants to talk to us so He makes it easy for us to pray. We don’t have to be really smart, really strong or really popular to pray.  He especially likes to listen to kids. (Mark 10:13-16)
Number Two
Prayer is a two-way street

Many people do not enjoy praying because they do all the talking and never take the time to listen to God. Prayer is not hard and it can be really fun.

You could say that prayer is like texting God and then reading His “texts.” How does God send us a text? Through the Bible. God speaks to us in our heart and through the Bible.

When we pray, we need to make sure we take time to listen to what God is saying.
Number Three
Set a time with God

Set a time and a place to pray every day. Most people that have strong friendships with God are people who set a certain time and place to get alone with God and pray.

It could be your bedroom or under the tree in your backyard. It’s okay if you can’t do it one day, however having a regular time to talk to God will help you pray more.The more you pray the stronger your relationship with God will be.

So, by using these simple prayer principles I can established in kids that prayer is the key to their relationship with God.

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