Stop – Now!


  • Your conscience will lead and guide you.


  • 3 contestants, 3 small bags of chips, 3 pudding cups, 3 small sandwiches, 3 cans of soda, a minute timer


  • Choose 3 contestants.
  • Place chips, pudding cups and soda in front of Contestants on a table in front of room.


  • Once you say go, they have to eat the chips, pudding cup, small sandwich and drink a can of pop as fast as they can.
  • Set the timer.
  • The one who eats and drinks the most wins.


Wow! That food did look good at first. The alarm saved the day. We have all kinds of alarms
around us, to alert us. Our morning alarm signals for us to get up in the morning. If you have a
security system in your home and you come in your home and while it is set, it alerts you that
it is on. In my car I have several alerts. There is one that tells me if I have my seat belt on, and
there is another alert that tells me that my gas tank is low. These are all good and will help us
everyday. Did you know that you have your own built in alarm/alert system in your spirit man?
It is your conscience or the inward witness. We have been talking about choices and how your
life is a product of the choices you make. How do you know what the right choice is? Is there
a way to know for sure what God wants you to do? There is a way you can know for sure what
God’s will is. God talks to you through your heart. The voice of your heart is your conscience. In
other words your conscience tells you right from wrong. Your conscience can alert you when
there is something you shouldn’t do. It can also alert you when it is okay or the right thing to
do. The Bible says that your conscience is a “still small voice.” Your conscience is an inner voice.


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