Is Summer Camp Worth It?


Summer is in full swing and with that comes all of the usual suspects for those of us in children’s ministry.

The most beloved besides VBS is summer camp!

As a teenager I loved going to summer camp; however, when I moved into children’s ministry and I dreaded it.

Personally I had never been to a summer camp as a kid.

Not to mention the fact that parents were trusting me to drive their children across the state and away from home for more than 3 days.

I ventured into the unknown world of summer camp and what I discovered was summer camp created an opportunity for my kids to deepen their relationships with God. Summer camp also provided extra opportunities for me to get know my kids on a personal level.

It also helped that there was a plethora of activities like go-karts, bumper cars, zip lines, horse-back riding, and the most important JUNK FOOD!

After my first time at summer camp I have become one of its biggest fans.

One of my favorite memories is when I had a group of about 12 boys in my cabin and they discovered their socks would stick to the wall.

They did what you imagined any group of boys would do they. All of the boys proceeded to unload their suitcases and stick EVERYTHING to the wall.

So if you were like me and this is your first summer as a children’s pastor and thinking about summer camp, GO FOR IT!

What are some of your favorite memories from summer camp?

5 thoughts on “Is Summer Camp Worth It?

  1. Marie says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I loved summer camp as a kid even when I came home covered with poison ivy head to toe. There is a level of depth that is poured into our kids at camp that can not be measured. Even our kids that are nose to media are some of the first to sign up, doesn’t even matter to them if they don’t see their ipads for a week. Our Church Camp closed 9 years ago, so a couple Churches joined together and had our own Church Camp at another Camp. We took whatever dates were available. This became more and more difficult, so we joined a Camp 2 1/2 hours away. Camp is that important to me to see the spiritual growth in our kids!

    When I first moved to TN, I was working in the Church Office and the FedEx man came to the door with a package. He said, “Ohio”! I said, “yes”! I was wearing an Ohio State Sweatshirt. He said, “God’s Rolling Acres”! I said, “That was my Church Camp”. He said, “I know, I remember you”. Now, my first thought was oh my goodness, that was a long time ago. My second thought, was I mean or nice to this guy. The next week he came back with his camp picture that I had signed on the back. He said he had not been in Church for a long time and this was the sign God had given him to get not only himself, but his boys into Church. We just don’t know what seeds are planted or when those seeds will bloom, but God is working all the time and never ceases to amaze me with the outcome!

  2. Michael Ramos says:

    This was my churches first time ever to take a group to camp. In my past I’d traveled the United States for Summer Camps which was an amazing experience. My kids enjoyed zip line, paint ball, swimming games, water balloon wars, and team building skills. I too recommend summer camp and my personal favorite is Highland Lakes Camp and Conference in Spicewood, TX. Id grown up there as a kid and will continue to take my pre-teens and youth there as long as God permits!

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