Dreaming Big!

I’ve got a powerful story to share with you today.

I like to take a few moments after worship to teach my kids why we worship.

A couple weeks ago one of my 5th grade peer leaders, Taylor, came up to me and asked if she could say something about worship.

I nodded my head and allowed taylor to come on to the stage.

Taylor stood up in front of the kids and started sharing how the reason it is important for everyone to enter in to worship is because our children’s ministry is going to be FULL of kids and they are going to be looking to see if they are entering in to worship. She then continued to say if you enter in to worship it will make it easier for the new kids who are going to be here!

I was blown away by what Taylor said because it was exactly what the other kids needed that morning.

More importantly, Taylor displayed vision and faith for the future of our church.

This kind of boldness wouldn’t have come without us wrapping up a 12 week series on Faith.

Faith is an important part of Christianity and our kids need to understand they can use their faith TODAY.

I know you want your kids to display the kind of faith Taylor displayed in my children’s ministry.

That’s why we developed a 12 week Super Church 2.0 series called “Faith”.

It walks your kids through what I like to call the ABC’s of using their faith from what it is all the way to how they can use it in their own lives.

Here’s what a Kids’ Pastor Like You Has To Say About Super Church 2.0 Faith:

“The Faith curriculum is absolutely amazing! My favorite part is the solid Word in every lesson. In fact, the kids and I were able to use some of the object lessons and scriptures to preach about faith in the main service!” – Jackie S.


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