The Amazing Baby Food Race


The Amazing Baby Food Race

Inter-Active Object Lesson


It’s time to stop being a baby and grow up.


  • 4 jars of banana baby food
  • 4 plastic spoons
  • 4 blindfolds
  • 8 volunteers


• Select 8 participants.
• Place baby food and spoons on table in front of room.
• Divide into 4 teams.


•  1 person on each team is blindfolded.
•  The blindfolded team member will “feed” the baby food to the other team member.
•  The team that finishes first wins. 


Can you imagine what it would be like if you could not feed yourself? If you were 10 years old and could not eat solid food, but had to eat baby food your whole life and someone else had to feed you. That would be embarrassing. This is how a lot of Christians are. They are still baby Christians. They have never learned to feed themselves.

What are symptoms of spiritual babies?

1. Easily offended
2. Can’t pray for themselves
3. Selfish, don’t pray for others4. Never read the Bible for themselves
5. Self pity, always thinking about their own problems.

How do I feed myself? Read the Bible for yourself. Some of you know all the Bible scriptures. You have watched all the Veggie Tales videos, but you don’t read the Bible for yourself. You think it is too hard. Just pick up a Bible you can read (like NIV, NLT, The Message) and start to read in Genesis or Matthew.Another thing that causes you to grow is to begin to teach other people. Tell your friends about God. Get involved in serving at church. Don’t keep it to yourself. Start teaching others to feed themselves.


This Inter-Active Object Lesson was taken from Super Church 2.0, Agape Lesson 1.

Click here for more info about Super Church 2.0, Agape.


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