The Call of the Father

There is a lot of work involved in leading a kids’ ministry in a local church; but at the end of the day, it is all about the kids and connecting them with their Heavenly Father.

I was a kids’ pastor for fifteen years before I really understood the heart of the Father for His kids. Intellectually, I understood that Father God loves the kids that I taught, but I didn’t really get it.

I remember the day that everything changed for me.

I was attending a special service at another church in town. it was toward the end of the service and the worship team began singing a song entitled “So Come” by Kevin Prosch.

Sometimes God will speak to me through pictures. For example, during prayer I will see faces of people I need to pray for. I have learned to follow these prayer cues.

I had my eyes closed as I sang the words about how God is a father to a lonely child. While I was singing, I saw a picture of a young boy who looked to be eight-years old.

The boy was sitting by himself inside a dark and gloomy house, looking out a picture window at kids playing outside. He had this really sad look on his face. It was clear that this boy had been left alone.

My first thought was one of human sympathy. Then suddenly from above and behind the boy, I saw a bright light from heaven shine on him. When the light hit him, I felt what God felt.

It’s impossible to describe in words the emotions I felt, but for one brief moment, I felt God’s heart for the fatherless.

As a kids’ pastor, I have always seen myself as an extension of the lead pastor (which is true); however, most importantly a kids’ pastor is an extension of the Father’s heart to the kids, especially those who do not have a father at home.

The kids you teach know that when they go to church, you will be there for them, to hug them, love on them, and pray for them. They can count on you, and that teaches them that they can count on Father God.

You are conduit of the Father’s love.

Mark Harper

One thought on “The Call of the Father

  1. Patricia R Gifford says:

    I love Kevin Prosch and the many Vineyard worship songs that deal with our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Your series on the Father’s Love was a very welcome addition – as our church ministers in inner city with many abandoned children who move from foster home and abuse to another. I didn’t want these precious children to have to wait, to KNOW that they KNOW God’s Unending Love for them !! Thank you again !

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