The Blood Of Jesus – Object Lesson

Scripture Reference: 1 John 1:7, Psalm 51:2

Take Home Point: Jesus paid the price for my sin.

What You Need: Clear jar full of water, red food coloring, small bottle of bleach, stir stick.

Preparation: Have items prepared on stage before service and ready for use.

Object Lesson Application:

In this lesson we are talking about something amazing. What is this amazing thing? Jesus paying the price for our sin. Now I don’t want you thinking Jesus went to the bank and got money to pay for our sin. It says in the Bible, “the wages of sin is death.” Jesus gave his life for us to pay the price for our sin.

Why is this such a big deal? It’s a big deal because God took the punishment we deserved for our sin and placed it on Jesus.

I have a jar full of water on this stand. Think of this jar of water as your life. Imagine for a moment you teased someone at school, or you took a candy bar at the store. When that happened, you’ve sinned. (add some food coloring to make the water red)

The red food coloring represents the sin in our lives. Sin isn’t good. It separates us from God.

Jesus came because of that separation between us and God. He wanted to take care of the sin problem. When Jesus died on the cross and bore our sin, something amazing happened. He made it possible for us to be reconnected with God.

When we ask Jesus into our hearts, something changes in our lives. (add bleach to red water and use stir stick to move bleach throughout jar)

The sin we have in our lives is washed away. Jesus’ blood was spilled on the cross for you and I to be washed as white as snow. In the Bible it says, “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin.” When God looks at us now, He doesn’t see our sin.

He sees us like Jesus, clear and perfect in His sight!
ASK: What did Jesus do? (Jesus paid the price for my sin)

ACTION STEP: Remind yourself throughout the week that God sees you as perfect!

This object lesson is taken from our curriculum, Kids Need the Gospel.

Kids Need The Gospel will guide you through the Gospel and help lead your children to Jesus Christ.

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