There isn’t anything like this for preschoolers!

Mark and I have several grandchildren.  Right now, our youngest, Lucille is 4 years old.
We love Luci; but, from time to time it is extremely difficult for her to listen.
She will go on about her business, as if she doesn’t hear me, whether I ask her to put away a toy, it’s bath time, or my favorite “don’t throw that on the ground!”
I know you’ve had a similar experience in your preschool ministry.
Kids are taught by their parents to listen to teachers, grandparents and other important role models.
However, there is another important voice that speaks into the lives of our kids…

We are entrusted with teaching kids how to listen and recognize the voice of God.
John 10:27 says, “My sheep recognize my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”
It is paramount our preschoolers learn how to listen to the voice of God.
We have seen preschoolers learn to listen to God and transformation happen in their lives.

I’ve got some amazing news…
We have a preschool curriculum in our Kinder Church 2.0 series called “LISTEN”!
“LISTEN” is all about teaching preschoolers how to pray and hear God’s voice for themselves.
There isn’t anything like this for preschoolers!
Check out the lessons:
1. On Guard – Proverbs 4:23
2. Pray – Matthew 6:6
3. Listen – Psalm 46:10
4. Church – Hebrews 10:25
Each lesson comes packed with Pre-Service activities, Large Group, Small Group, Home Devotions, Media Elements, and a Social Media plan to help you take your preschoolers on an amazing journey each week as your kids learn to listen to the voice of God.
This four-week curriculum will transform your preschoolers and you will see life change happening before your eyes.
The Kinder Church 2.0 Listen 4-week series is regularly priced at $49. 

But you can get it for 50% off right now – only $24.90 for these great lessons.
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In fact, all of our Preschool Curriculum is 50% off.
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More great news, these are Digital Downloads – you get access immediately and no shipping charges or waiting for delivery.

Take advantage of this great sale.  It won’t last forever – ends, Tuesday, December 8.

Here is what Sheree thinks about Kinder Church 2.0:
“Kinder Church 2.0 is amazing!  Each lesson teaches the main idea in several different ways to help our littles remember the Word, and since our teachers rotate, it very easy for them to jump in and teach with these lessons. I look forward to using more of the Kinder Church 2.0”
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