“No Way! That’s too deep to teach kids!”

Have you ever told the Lord – No?

When I began in full time ministry, I had just graduated from Bible school and moved to Port Huron, Michigan to help plant a church. I also began to travel and conduct kid’s crusades. 

This was an exciting time because at every church I went to, most of the kids would get saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Some people would say things like, “Revival broke out in kid’s church!”  But really I was just the first person to teach about the Holy Spirit and give an altar call in their kid’s church.

I had been teaching children for about two years on things like salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit and healing.  One morning, I asked the Lord what I should teach on next.  His response shocked me.

I heard a still, small voice say, “Teach them about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

This is when I told the Lord, “No.”

I thought, “No, way!  That’s too deep to teach kids.”

I remember a time when a 12-year-old boy stood up and gave out a prophecy in one of my kids’ services.  I thought, “No way.  That’s not God.  A 12-year-old can’t prophesy.”

I wanted God to move in the service, but I wanted Him to move through me.  (When I think back, it hurt my pride that God used a 12-year-old, instead of me.)

This is one of the main stumbling blocks for children.  Adults don’t want kids to step out into these things, because it hurts our pride and we want to be in control.

Once I moved passed the shock and realization that God wasn’t kidding, I began to pray and ask Him, “How do I teach children about the gifts of the Spirit?” 

I didn’t know anyone that I could call and ask, “How do you do this?”  There wasn’t any curriculum or books written on teaching kids about the gifts, so I prayed.

There were three key things the Lord showed me.

Number One: Worship is the key.

Worship is the key because God inhabits the praises of His people.  So I spend a four weeks teaching on praise and worship.

Number Two: Hear God’s Voice

If children were going to be able to prophesy and step out in the gifts of the Spirit, they would have to know how to hear God’s voice.  I spent four weeks teaching kids how to hear the voice of God. 

Number Three: Bible Stories

I used familiar Bible stories to teach about the different gifts of the Spirit.  For example, when God spoke to Noah and told him the flood was coming, that was the gift of prophecy and a word of wisdom.  The word of wisdom deals with God’s plan in the future.  A good teacher goes from the known to the unknown.  Most kids know the Bible story of Noah, and then connecting the word of wisdom to it brings more revelation and understanding.

After several years of digging into the Word, and teaching kids about prayer, salvation, the gifts of the Spirit and more, I published these same lessons for others to use. 

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