Umm, Excuse Me?

I have a four year old daughter. And she talks all the time! Like, I am not exaggerating when I say that we have to tell her to take turns when she is talking.

A couple of months ago, I was tired of her constant interruptions. (Please note, I love when she talks, just sometimes my husband and I are in the middle of something important and we don’t want to hear about rainbows)

So, I taught her to say, “excuse me.” I told her that it was rude to just walk up to people, interrupt them, and talk non-stop.

Which is true. But I think I have created a monster. She now uses “Excuse Me” ALL OF THE TIME!

She will say, “excuse me” about a million times, before she figures out what she is going to say. She also uses it as a way to interrupt us.

I wonder though, how many times we just talk to God in this same way. Excuse me, God. Thank you, God. Please, God.

Meaning, we just keep letting words flow out of our mouths and don’t let God talk to us.

I have been reminded just this morning, to just trust God.

I was worrying about something, and God just tapped me on my shoulder and said, “Excuse me? Trust me, please.”

So, I did. I could have kept being anxious, and worried, and complained to God some more.

Instead, I trusted God. I just went on with my day and knew that it would work out. Well, within 3 hours God happened. And something we have been praying for several months came true. Praise God!

Sometimes, we just need a reminder to listen to God more. And, the kids in our church need to know this too!

I follow this pattern when teaching kids how to pray.

Teach on Prayer

This happens during large group. The next three steps happen in small group.

Practice Prayer

If I teach on the prayer of intersession I ask one of the kids to pray for someone they know that needs salvation.

If I teach on the prayer before the meal I ask one of the kids to practice praying for the food.

Listen when you pray

Ask your kids to just be quiet for 1 minute and listen. This helps them develop the skill of listening when they pray.

What did you hear?

Ask the kids to share what they heard. When you do this it gives the kids confidence that God will speak to them. If you are unwilling to do this then I question if you even believe that God will speak to kids.

Ask for testimonies.

Did anyone get a prayer answered recently?

There is nothing that excites a young believer more than an answered prayer.

Are you ready to teach your kids how to pray?

I have some good news for you.

I have written an entire curriculum on prayer.

It introduces the concept of talking and listening to God and then covers nine different kinds of prayers.

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