What Matters Most?


The other day I was doing some consulting at a local church.

I was interviewing some of the key volunteer leaders and one of them asked me a question.

“What matters Most?”  

I didn’t hesitate.

“Begin with the end in Mind”  

See, most people that work with kids are just trying to get through Sunday. They are not thinking about the big picture.” 

If you are a kids pastor at a local church typically you have influence up through 5th grade. So, then I asked this question.  


“What does a spiritually strong 5th grader look like?’ 

They began to say things like:

“They are unselfish, kind, obedient to parents, exercising self control.”  

I was kind of shocked that every one of their responses had to do with behavior.  

I prodded them by saying;

“Everything you are talking about has to do with their relationship with others, but I’m asking about their relationship with Christ. What do we want their relationship with Christ to look like?”  

They just kind of stared at me with no response.

After the conversation I realized why they gave the answers that they gave. They were simply responding with the topics from the curriculum they were teaching.

See, most church curriculum is relentlessly moralistic.

It focuses on behavior and not on having a relationship with Christ.  

Most curriculum will teach on honesty, self control and obedience and here-in lies the problem.

We can teach kids to be good without teaching them about Christ simply by rewarding them for good behavior and disciplining them for bad behavior.

My point is this.

The choice you make about curriculum matters and it matters a lot. 

Not only is it what you are teaching your kids, your curriculum is also training your volunteers about what matters most.

You only have your kids for one hour every week.

Every minute is important. Don’t waste their time. Don’t waste your volunteers time.

Make sure you are teaching on what matters most.

What matters most is their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Shockingly most curriculums don’t do this.

This is why I felt impressed by the Lord to create Super Church 2.0. 

I could not find a curriculum that taught kids about the things that matters most.

Things Like:

• How to have a real relationship with Christ

• What happened to me when I gave me life to Christ.

• How to Read the Bible

• How to talk to God

• How to hear God’s voice

• Water Baptism

• The Baptism in the Holy Spirt

• How to lead other kids to Christ

If you have the same passion that I have then I have no problem saying that Super Church 2.0 is the best curriculum choice you can make.

If you simply want to teach kids how to behave then there are hundreds of choices.

For me this isn’t good enough because good behavior does not connect kids with God – only Christ can do that.  


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