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The Red Book Minute Chapters 1-5

We have been going through The Red Book, chapter by chapter.    

What Matters Most?

  The other day I was doing some consulting at a local church. I was interviewing some of the key volunteer leaders and one of them asked me a question. “What matters Most?”   I didn’t hesitate. “Begin with the end in Mind”   See, most people that work with kids are just trying to get through […]

Why Is Childhood So Special?

  The Salvation Experience is one of the most important things we can pass unto our children.  Passing our faith from one generation to the next is vital.  Salvation is at the epicenter. I believe parents are the spiritual leaders in the lives of their children, but does that mean we don’t provide opportunities in […]

My Top Seven KidMin Sermons

Here is a list of my favorite illustrated sermons for kids. Sword of the Spirit – Hebrews 4:12 Purchase a real machete and some apples. Use the apples to represent temptation. Throw the apples in the air and slice them with the machete. Be careful to slice the apples away from the kids. Control Your Tongue – James […]