You’ve Got A Friend In Me

These words, “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” come alive thanks to the success of  “Toy Story” by Pixar.
If you’ve seen any of the movies, and now hear this song what does it create in you?
How about GIANT, warm, fuzzies!
Friendship is a huge part of our life.
Some friendships last a lifetime.  Some help us on our journey.  We all need friends and we need to know how to make friends.
Right now, when we ask the kids in our kid’s church what they have missed about not being in school because of COVID-19, they say, “I miss my friends.”
With children slowly going back to school, it’s a great time to teach them about friendship.
Super Church BFF: Best Friends Forever, it is a 4-week elementary series that series teaches your children to choose friends that build them up and walk with God. 
Because, we all need a friend.
Here is what your kids will learn:

– How to be a friend.
– How to choose friends.
– What is a toxic friendship?  And how can I tell?
– Nine habits of a good friend.

If you are ready to get started – CLICK HERE to order Super Church BFF: Best Friends Forever curriculum!

When you teach Super Church BFF, Best Friends Forever, each week you will have an abundance of material:

  • Large Group Curriculum (Features Lesson Study Guide, Motion Comic Follow Up, 2 Object Lessons, Drama)
  • Small Group Curriculum (Features Lesson Study Guide, Bible Story, Object Lesson)
  • Home Devotional (Features Lesson Study Guide, Bible Story, & Object Lesson For Parents)
  • Bottom Line (Lesson Goal) Media
  • Memory Verse Media
  • Adventures of the Masked Hero – Motion Comic
  • Digital Review Questions Media
  • Jump Start (Features Icebreaker Questions & Game)
  • Activity Pages (For the older kids)
  • Coloring Pages (For the younger kids)

This curriculum is a digital download, so as soon as you finish your order, you get it to download.
There are no shipping costs, and no waiting for it to arrive. 

I have some really good news for you! This curriculum is only $49. 

PLUS!!!  That’s not all!
We want to give you 4 short films that reinforce each lesson, FREE!
(These short films are normally $5 per short film – $20 value.)
Right now, you can get BFF: Best Friends Forever, PLUS 4 free short films for only $49.  (That is a $69 value.)
So, what are you waiting for? 

==>> Order Super Church BFF: Best Friends Forever

When you teach Super Church BFF:Best Friends Forever to your kids, they could be that kid that says, “You’ve Got A Friend In Me!”

Once you place the order, you will receive an email with the FREE BFF Short Film Add-Ons.

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