Is Amazon Bringing Back The Holiday Catalog?

Last week, I received in the mail, at my home, a catalog from Amazon.  It included stickers and a special page for kids to write down what they wanted for Christmas.  Yes, Amazon has brought back the “Holiday Catalog.”

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that receiving gifts is a lot of fun.

When Christmas rolls around, usually Mom and Dad will ask their kids what kind of gifts they would like for Christmas.

It is not a problem for you and I to produce a wish list full of our potential gifts we would like to receive; however, Christmas is not all about the gifts you and I will receive.

It is Jesus’ birthday and our focus should be on what kind of gifts we can give to Him.

What kind of gifts do you think we can give to Jesus?

You and I can give our hearts to Jesus and this is the greatest gift we can give Him.

I also like to think we can be the gift that keeps on giving, so I will suggest a few gifts that you and I can give to Jesus for His birthday:

The Gift of our Time: We do this by spending time with Jesus in prayer, reading our Bibles, and serving at church.

The Gift of our Money: Jesus does not need our money to go out and buy a new bike; however, He does need our money to help people that are in need.

The Gift of our Worship: It is easy to get caught up in sports, video games, and life. These things can become the focus of our worship, but we need to keep our focus on Jesus and spend time worshiping Him with music.

Let’s turn our attention to Jesus this Christmas and give Him the best birthday ever!

I have written a Christmas Curriculum that takes kids on a journey discovering what they can give to Jesus this Christmas.

This is an Inter-Active Object Lesson that brings this point home.

Super Church 2.0 | Happy Birthday Jesus Lesson 1

Inter-Active Object Lesson: Gift-Giving Relay

What Your Kids Will Learn:  I can give gifts to Jesus.        

What You Need:                                                      

• Special prize for the participant

• 4 small objects gift wrapped.


  • Select two kids to be runners in a gift-giving relay and four people to receive the gifts.
  • Each runner will get a turn individually.
  • Each child will go from the front of room to the back of the room to pick up one of the gifts and return it to one of the gift receivers.
  • They will repeat this process until all the gifts have been received.
  • Whoever has the fastest time wins the gift-giving relay.


Teaching kids what they can give to Jesus at Christmas is important and that is why I wrote “Happy Birthday Jesus.”

“Happy Birthday Jesus” is four weeks of fun-filled, power-packed lessons teaching kids what Jesus wants for Christmas and how we can give Him what He wants.

I have some great news. It is only $49.

Additionally, we have written companion lessons for your Preschool class. 

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