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We’ve All Been There…

Face it… We have all been where this kid is in the picture above, so scared we look like a cardboard cutout at Target. As a children’s pastor I wanted to make sure my kids knew they didn’t have to be afraid or full of fear. That’s why I wrote the series “Fear”. I wanted […]

Curriculum That Will Transform

  In today’s world of curriuclum, There is as many curriculums as there are flavors at Baskin Robbins. They are eye-catching and boast a long list of features, but… Where is the part where they speak of the lives being transformed by the lessons? Super Church 2.0 was developed with the end user in mind. YOU  […]

Are You In A Rut?

What do you think is the number one area where Kid’s Church gets in a rut? Some people might think it is offering, games, the message or the service structure. These are all potential areas for children’s ministries to fall into a rut, but the most prevalent is… Worship You heard me right, worship!

How To Enhance Childrens’ Ministry Guest Experience

One of my favorite things to do is jump on Facebook and see what’s happening in a group called “Children’s Pastors and Children’s Ministries Leaders”. There is always good discussions happening and sometimes I find a question I think is great to answer in a short blog. One question I saw this week was, “I am looking for something for […]

4 Sunday School Lessons On Core Beliefs

Today, I am going to share with you 4 of my favorite Sunday School Lessons on Core Beliefs for Christians. Core beliefs are important because they set our foundation and help us to defend our faith when people question why we believe in God. It is so important that I make sure I talk about […]

I’ll Never Forget…

I’ll never forget the time…   I was standing in the back waiting for a Saturday 5PM service to begin. We had recently promoted our new 1st graders into our grade school class. We all know when kids are promoted to a new class the world can feel like its crumbling! This particular group of […]

Great Object Lessons From The Dollar Store

5 Great Object Lessons

Great Object Lessons From The Dollar Store We’re back with another week of fun from the local Dollar Store. We’ve become regulars at our local dollar store as we develop new lessons for our children’s ministry. If you haven’t checked out any of our other videos this is a great place to jump in. Trust […]