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The Red Book Minute Chapters 1-5

We have been going through The Red Book, chapter by chapter.    

The Candle of The Lord – Object Lesson

Scripture Reference: Proverbs 20:27 Take Home Point: God will guide us through our spirit. What You Need: 1 large candle and 1 package of matches. Object Lesson Application: The Bible says that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. What does that mean? That means God will enlighten us or guide us […]

Kids Don’t Receive A Junior Holy Spirit

When a children receive Christ, they Holy Spirit comes to live inside of them. Kids don’t get a junior Holy Spirit. They get the same Holy Spirit that you and I get. Why does the Holy Spirit come to live in us? To lead and to empower us for ministry. If I could do my […]

Can Kids Help You Grow Your Church?

Can kids help you grow your church? Absolutely! Kids are a big part of growing a church. The church growth people tell us that kids are one of the top three reasons why people choose a church. #1 is the pastor #2 is worship #3 is the kid’s ministry I discovered this early on in […]

Tapping Into The Leadership Gifts of Your Kids

  It’s easy for a parent or a teacher to recognize leadership gifts in their children. If I can spend several hours teaching and observing a group of children, I can pick out who the leaders are. One thing about people who have leadership gifts is that they will find a way to use their […]

Teaching Children to Make Wise Choices Part 2

  The first step to letting them make their own choices is to allow them to make their own choices some of the time. As your kids get older, its ok to let them say no to you. This does two things: It lets them feel independent and it shows your children that you trust them. […]

What’s Your Big Win From Easter Weekend?

It’s the Tuesday after Easter… You and I have put in a lot of work to make sure this past weekend was a huge success. There is one question that I am asking myself today… What was the big win? I imagine you are sitting in your office too, more than likely you are contemplating […]

Helping Kids Have A Real Relationship With Jesus

Do your church kids know God? Do they have a real relationship with Jesus Christ? How do you know? One way to tell if someone has a real relationship with Jesus Christ is do they have compassion for people who are lost? Do they care about kids who don’t know Christ? “For the Son of […]