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Is Summer Camp Worth It?

Summer is in full swing and with that comes all of the usual suspects for those of us in children’s ministry.The most beloved besides VBS is summer camp!As a teenager I loved going to summer camp; however, when I moved into children’s ministry and I dreaded it. Personally I had never been to a summer camp […]

What Your Volunteers Won’t Tell You

Kidmin volunteers love impacting the lives of children in a positive way. They enjoy sharing Jesus’ message with kids and seeing God move in the lives of the next generation. But sometimes, we unknowingly and unintentionally get in their way. We do things that frustrate them and neglect to do things they expect of us. […]

Island Life

Many children’s pastors have experienced the feeling of being on an island at their church. You’ve probably heard the song “One Is The Loneliest Number” by Three Dog Night. In movies, it is usually played as the main character walks in the rain and gets drenched with water from a car flying down the road. […]

Do Your Kids Know How to Fail?

It seems like thousands of books have been written about success, but very few books have been written about failure. The truth is that failure is the pathway to success. At some point everyone is going to have a train wreck in the life, so we need to prepare our kids on what to do […]

What Do I Do When A Kid Is Held Back?

In life there are moments we ask ourselves, “what do I do”? Some situations do not have a step by step process. I find these situations have multiple options and they all at the time appear reasonable. Recently I had to make one of these tough “what do I do” decisions in my children’s ministry.

Take A Real Rest

One of my favorite sporting events to go to is Major League Baseball games, and we are blessed to have the Minnesota Twins in our backyard(about 15 minutes from our apartment). You might be asking yourself, why is Lance talking about going to baseball games? I am talking about baseball games because in its own […]

Helping Kids Reach Their Goal

Let’s be honest. Kids don’t really think about their future. Kids live for today, but is it possible to train them to plan for the future? Yes it is. I find that kids are willing to learn and can be taught almost anything, but it takes someone like you who is willing to take the time to teach […]