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Are You Working Too Much?

Are you working too much? I recently asked the following question on Facebook. “Are you full time and how many hours do you work each week?” The average answer was 51 hours. Not surprisingly, I came to the conclusion that many of us are working too much. I don’t have any problem saying, if you are consistently working […]

10 Ways A 10 Year Old Can Grow In Christ

Think about the kids in your class. Get their faces in your mind. Now, imagine it is ten years in the future. The kids in your class have graduated from high school. How many will still be in church? The truth is that most churches are losing the kids that grow up in their church. This […]

The Emotions Of Christmas

Christmas is a high-risk holiday. Many times I have had my expectations really high only to be disappointed by others. There have been more than a few Decembers I have drove hundreds of miles through inclement weather asking myself questions like, “Why am I doing this?” Let me explain. I could have a really fun […]

Love Will Lead You Home

Are you looking for a community outreach? Have you been crumpling up countless ideas wondering if you will ever find the perfect one? If you answered yes to these questions, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together an amazing Movie Night Kit that makes it easy for you to host an event for your community. […]

Is Less Really More?

IS LESS REALLY MORE? Do kids need less of the Bible or more of the Bible? Chances are you answered more; however many churches have bought into the strategy of teach less for more. At Super Church our strategy is to teach more for more. More God More Jesus More of The Bible More of The Holy Spirit

Stop Saying Thank You!

I was making my rounds following the 11 AM service to saying ‘Thank You’ to all of my small group leaders. I entered the classroom of our 5th grade boys and I shook Guy’s hand and said ‘Thank You’. I started to release from the handshake but Guy hung on to my hand, looked me […]