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6 Object Lessons From The Dollar Store

If there was a store to get locked in I believe it would have to be the Dollar Store. Whenever I am looking for inspiration for new object lessons for my message in KidMin I head over to the local Dollar Store. Click the video above and watch this three minute video for six object lessons from […]

Why Kids Are Leaving The Church

Why Do So Many Church Kids Leave The Church? One of the most challenging things to teach kids is the grace of God. In my opinion this is why so many kids leave the church when they graduate from High School. They have not experienced God’s grace. For the most part the children in our classes […]

Teaching Kids To Hear The Voice Of God

  One of the most important decisions your children will make is who their friends are. Our kids become like whom they hang with. If they hang with kids who love the Lord they will love the Lord. The reverse is also true. I have had parents say this to me, “I decide who my kids […]

Are You Working Too Much?

Are you working too much? I recently asked the following question on Facebook. “Are you full time and how many hours do you work each week?” The average answer was 51 hours. Not surprisingly, I came to the conclusion that many of us are working too much. I don’t have any problem saying, if you are consistently working […]