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Children and The Holy Spirit

  I have been ministering to kids for over thirty years now and without a doubt my favorite memories are those services where the Holy Spirit touched kids in a powerful way. One of my powerful moments was the summer of 1996. I was the guest speaker at a Kids Camp in Fergus Falls, MN. […]

How To Get Money For The Kids Ministry

A lot of Kid’s Pastors are naïve when it comes to money – they think that ministry is all spiritual. Your pastor is thinking about money everyday. Yes, your pastor is the primary preacher in your church but in most instances he is also the primary fundraiser. If it’s not your pastor it’s your church board, but someone […]

Great Object Lessons From The Dollar Store

5 Great Object Lessons

Great Object Lessons From The Dollar Store We’re back with another week of fun from the local Dollar Store. We’ve become regulars at our local dollar store as we develop new lessons for our children’s ministry. If you haven’t checked out any of our other videos this is a great place to jump in. Trust […]

Should We Talk To Kids About Hell?

  The other day I was talking to a missionary friend of mine and he mentioned to me that most of what he heard growing up in church was, “If you don’t accept Christ, you will go to Hell.” As I thought about it I realized that I did not hear a lot about Hell in my church.

The Difference Between Parenting And Pastoring

We hear a lot today about family ministry and partnering with parents. While I agree with the concept of integrating strategy and creating synergy between the church and the home it is important to realize that there is a big difference between parenting and pastoring. The church and the home may have the same goals, but we […]